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No Chip Manicures before the Wedding....

29 August 2011

...that will last through the honeymoon!

"cracking paint macro" Zen Sutherland. Flickr (CC)

I was getting a manicure up in Chicago a few months ago and I heard about the Shellac manicure. Apparently, this high quality nail polish won't chip, scratch, or even come off for 2 weeks. Likely, more expensive than the standard polish but to have your nails done and never worry about your beautiful fingers through your trip to Jamaica, in my case, sounds like a dream. 

So where can you find such a manicure? Well, there is a website where you can search spas and salons that offer the Shellac nail polish treatment! Find a Shellac Salon

Urban Oasis, my go-to for massages is where I'm thinking that I'll go for my bridal beauty roundup! According to their website, the Shellac treatment ($12) is added to the price of any standard spa manicure treatment! 

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