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Wedding Flowers & My Bridal Bouquet

11 June 2011

I had no idea the level of detail one must consider when picking out the wedding flowers. As part of our attendance in Ashley's bride guide boot camp, Mr. Collier & I have ranked flowers at the lower end of the wedding totem pole. The decisions do, however, get much easier with guidance of a stellar wedding planner like Sarah W. and an amazing floral designer like Bonnie from Belle Fleurs. Bonnie is a woman of vision. First off, she is amazing. She is bubbly and frank about how far she can stretch your budget. Mr. Collier and I had the opportunity to meet with her a few weeks back and really contemplate the kind of design we envision for our wedding day. Starting with the bridal bouquet, there are so many choices.

Wedding Inspiration & My Favorite Wedding Blogs

10 June 2011

Not to give you all my secrets this morning, but I wanted to share with you some websites and blogs that are my "go to" for inspiration! One interesting fact is that while planning, it is important to remember that you can collect all the pictures you want, but stay true to yourself.

I recently learned that lesson with a haircut. I brought in two pictures of what I wanted to look like and when my hairstylist was complete, my hair looked nothing like the photos. Of course I was upset at first but then I began to realize that a) it is hair and it will grow back, b) she did exactly what I wanted fundamentally, a shorter haircut with lots of layers looking like something different than I would normally do to my hair and c) my look is not Carrie Underwood or Reese Witherspoon's look. I'm and individual and I'm going to rock this new hairdo!

Now back to the blogs for ideas and inspiration....if you click on the photos you will be taken to the appropriate pages. 

Wedding Cake & Design Fun

06 June 2011

I've got wedding cake on the brain!!! Mr. Collier and I had our first cake consultation a few weeks back and fell in love! One aspect to the meeting that we didn't exactly anticipate was the overall cake design. We came home and began researching what we wanted our cake to look like.

I noticed that cakes, these days, have to make a statement. Shows such as "Extreme Cakes" and "Cake Boss" have transformed the decadent sweet treat into art. I don't know about you, but my wedding cake is just a cake. The taste is definitely more important to me than the overall theme or whatever. Yes, it is tempting to want to have a cake recreate the wedding invitation monograms or stenciled art but come on! At $4.00 a slice, it can get pricey in the blink of an eye!

The Artistic Cake

The Graffiti Cake
I love this cake because it looks so cool!

The Cake for the lactose intolerant. 

The Classic Wedding Cake

The Wild Cake




Mr. Collier and I decided after our research that a more simple white fondant cake with florals reflected our vibe and taste. We selected Renay Zamora with Sweetface Cakes out of Lebanon, Tennessee to design the cake that we will share on our wedding day. Not only is she fabulous (and affordable) but her cake flavors are out of this world!