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Creative Guest Books

19 April 2011

Now that Mr. Collier and I have our engagement photos, I began thinking about how I could possibly incorporate them into our wedding "stuff." One thought was making them a part of our guest book so that it would be twice as functional: engagement album and guest book from the wedding filled with memories and blessings from our guests! Of course I had to do some research and I began realizing there are tons of creative ideas when it comes to the guest book! 

Pewter Plate
The idea here is that each signature becomes engraved into the plate making it a heritable treasure. 

Wishing Trees
Guests write messages, wishes, and hopes on little tags and string them up on a tree. 

Vintage Typewriter
Oddly enough this might be the only time younger generations are ever exposed to a typewriter, unless visiting the Smithsonian! Messages can be framed or bound when complete! Typewriters can be found online, at a thrift store, or garage sale on the cheap!

Thumbprint Tree
I love this creative way of displaying who was there! Such art! 

Our Engagement Photos!

01 April 2011

I know, I know! I haven't posted in awhile and I could think of a long list of excuses such as wrapping up classes, doing experiments, and well wedding planning but I truly wanted to save the next post for our engagement photos by the wonderful Claudia Kay Photo! Enjoy!

Mr. Collier and I couldn't be more thrilled with how these images came out! Not only does Claudia capture our true "essence" but she also has the sweetest touches to her photography! I am so happy and excited to have Claudia Kay on our team!!