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The Vintage Anthropologie Wedding Movement

14 March 2011

What is the deal with all the vintage/rustic style weddings that I've been seeing lately? Perhaps it is because "The Village" was on T.V. yesterday, but I often wonder as I flip through other wedding blogs with recent pictures of people's weddings if the  incorporation of a given theme is authentic. What I mean is, is there an emphasis on  because couples have always liked it and now are more willing to style their wedding their own way or does this mean that everyone is hopping on a bandwagon?

Sure, it might be the style but is it really for you? These people could very well have a barn and been raised on a farm. Alternatively, they could just be attracted to the style. That is all good and fine with me but as long as it is real. In 50 years from now if you look back on your wedding make sure you'll say," We loved our wedding and it was just the way that we wanted it to be!"

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