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Not the Typical Escort Card

10 March 2011

The purpose of escort cards is to inform guests of where they should sit at the reception (if a seating chart was made) or more frequently are used as a favor thanking them of their attendance to the wedding. I've stumbled upon some unique options for escort cards that are functional and crafty!

Brooch Magnets

Using old brooches or large earings from thrift stores, garage sales, etc. as magnets is a gift that is personal, looks beautiful, and lasts forever. A simple glue gun or soldering gun will bond any brooch to a magnet backing and a simple printed tag can contain a message from the bride and groom. 

Paint Swatches

I just love this idea! It is free, DIY, and really simple! It may take awhile to collect all of the same color but it is part of the fun, right?

River Rocks

Remember the pet rock from the 1970's? It was all the rage! But, using rocks as an escort card can draw together a summer or beach themed wedding and is super cool.  

Baking Tips

Using baking tips as a stand for a handwritten escort card will provide a heartwarming touch to any baker. 

Handmade Ribbons

Think of the county fair! This "escort card" could integrate into a country rustic themed wedding and are inexpensive to create.

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  1. Another useful way to use brooches. I have a collection of antique and vintage brooches i may give this a try.