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Nashville Venue Roundup!

09 March 2011

Mr. Collier and I will soon be signing the contract for our reception venue and with venues on the brain I decided to share with you a list of venues I came across while on the hunt for the perfect spot! For those readers out of town, feel free to use this as a template for your planning!

Nashville Wedding Venue Spreadsheet
There are many items to consider when deciding on a venue. The number of guests you are anticipating, the fraction of the budget you would like to allocate to the venue rental, and the amenities the venue offers such as rentals or staffing that can help save some money. The spreadsheet I've shared allows you to not only get a head start in planning if you are searching for a venue but will hopefully be applicable anywhere as you start seeing venues and talking to the event staff in your respective city. Similar to the photography post, seeing all the facts in one place really helps narrow down the options.

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