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The Dress Buying Experience

02 March 2011

Picking out a wedding dress is thought to make the wedding process become more "real." For me, it wasn't the dress that I selected, fell in love with, and purchased that made me feel like a bride for the first time, it was the purchase of the veil. I was totally excited to get my dress but as soon as a veil was paired and decided upon, it was real. 

I don't know why the purchase of my veil made me take a second to breathe and think about what I was doing but looking at myself in the mirror in my beautiful dress (that makes me feel like the cutest girl in the world) in addition to the veil was overwhelming. Not the kind of overwhelming you might expect for a bride. There were no tears. No fearful feelings. No, " Oh wow" response. Just, "huh. I'm getting married," as if I hadn't thought about it before. 

It is interesting thinking about the psyche of when a woman begins to feel like a bride because the wedding industry itself glazes over the self acceptance and discovery of this new identity with lists of planning guides, vendors, and other details. I understand folks need to make money and getting a grasp of the planning early on is ideal but a simple search made me realize that many women wonder about the moment they will feel like a bride or when the planning becomes real.

Some start feeling like a bride the moment they are engaged because of all of the attention and questions from friends, family, and even strangers! Others, like me, felt it the first time they tried on their dress and veil. A few never identify with a bride feeling. Whether a woman identifies herself as a bride doesn't say anything about her or the validity of her future marriage. Some people just don't like being labeled. I personally believe that being a bride doesn't define who you are, it is more of a state of transition between single-hood and marriage.

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