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Wedding Inspiration: DIY Cute Decor

05 March 2011

I've picked some awesome ideas that are easy, fun, and will keep people talking!

Custom Crossword Puzzles

Websites like Just Crosswords and Discovery Education provide free custom designed crossword puzzles that can easily be incorporated into a place card, back of a menu, or program. Mr. Collier and I plan to add utilize this little treat for our wedding.

Rustic Banner

Burlap cloth material and iron on letters or craft paint from any general craft store can welcome guests, transform a guest book table or hang behind the wedding party's table at the reception. 

Antique Books
Incorporation of hardback antique books really enhances the personal character of a table as a accessory or centerpiece. And it will be fun just to wander through a used book store or thrift store to find them!

Mason Jars
What can't you seriously do with a mason jar? You can use them as favors filled with homemade jams or preserves. You can add some sand and a tea light for some rustic ambiance. You could even provide them for guests to sip on tea for a more southern feel. They are inexpensive and provide tons of character!!!

Milk Carton Flowers
Its crafty, contemporary, and earth-friendly. What a fun way to have a bouquet or centerpiece that lasts the test of time. 

Topsy Turvy Glassware
No rule states that glassware has to be in the proper order so mix it up! Using mismatched glasses as candle holders can add vibrant color by adding flowers (as shown above) or fruit. It is certainly unique!

Scrabble Table Numbers

Taking an iconic game like Scrabble and incorporating the tiles into centerpieces or table numbers is adorable. I love the idea of spelling places or names in addition to numbers as shown above.

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