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Engagement Photos: Sneak Peek!!!

22 March 2011

Claudia Kay Photo is da bomb dot com!!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from our Saturday shoot! 

Engagement Photos: Trends

19 March 2011

Mr. Collier & I are taking our engagement photos this weekend with our lovely photographer Claudia Kay and so I've been doing a ton of research into the latest trend for engagement photos.


Hanging out fun





We've got a venue!!!

17 March 2011

Yesterday, I skipped over to the Noah Liff Opera Center to meet Jessica to sign the contract and finalize our rental of the building for our wedding reception!!!! January seems so far away but when I step back to realize how much Mr. Collier and I have to do before the wedding, I like the distance.

Mr. Collier and I are thrilled to host our reception at the Noah Liff Opera Center for the simple fact it is gorgeous!!! Have I shown you the pictures?

Shutterfly Groupon! $10 for a 20 page hardcover photobook!

15 March 2011 is sponsoring a groupon today in multiple cities for a $10 photobook! This can totally be used as a gift or for some engagement photos or honeymoon! Great offer!!!

Getting Married before July 1? $75 for limo Service on Living Social Nashville!!!

Todays living social coupon is $75 for $150 of limo service from Broadway Limousine but you must be within 25 miles of their home base (but this does include downtown Nashville and Brentwood/Franklin area) and the offer must be redeemed by July 1. So if you are getting married this spring and haven't figured out any transportation or if you are having a bachelorette party and need a limo, this is a fab deal!!!

Happy Pi Day!!

14 March 2011

Today is my 3rd favorite holiday, PI DAY! Channel your inner nerd, grab a slice of your favorite pie pastry and enjoy today! How many digits can you remember?

Mental Floss has an awesome synopsis of the history of Pi as well as a history for your viewing and educational pleasure. Nerd Core posted a few videos in celebration including this one below converting mathematical pi to musical pi: 

Whatever you find yourself doing today, celebrate your inner nerd and have a great pi day!

The Vintage Anthropologie Wedding Movement

What is the deal with all the vintage/rustic style weddings that I've been seeing lately? Perhaps it is because "The Village" was on T.V. yesterday, but I often wonder as I flip through other wedding blogs with recent pictures of people's weddings if the  incorporation of a given theme is authentic. What I mean is, is there an emphasis on  because couples have always liked it and now are more willing to style their wedding their own way or does this mean that everyone is hopping on a bandwagon?

Sure, it might be the style but is it really for you? These people could very well have a barn and been raised on a farm. Alternatively, they could just be attracted to the style. That is all good and fine with me but as long as it is real. In 50 years from now if you look back on your wedding make sure you'll say," We loved our wedding and it was just the way that we wanted it to be!"

Shutterfly Special for Free 8X8 Photobook!

10 March 2011

Thur March 16th, Shutterfly is offering a great deal for a Free 8x8 photo book through March 16th. It is great for gifts, engagement photos, and shower photos!!!

 Enter promo code: R72U-5U26-1FRZ-H0T6SN

Not the Typical Escort Card

The purpose of escort cards is to inform guests of where they should sit at the reception (if a seating chart was made) or more frequently are used as a favor thanking them of their attendance to the wedding. I've stumbled upon some unique options for escort cards that are functional and crafty!

Brooch Magnets

Using old brooches or large earings from thrift stores, garage sales, etc. as magnets is a gift that is personal, looks beautiful, and lasts forever. A simple glue gun or soldering gun will bond any brooch to a magnet backing and a simple printed tag can contain a message from the bride and groom. 

Paint Swatches

I just love this idea! It is free, DIY, and really simple! It may take awhile to collect all of the same color but it is part of the fun, right?

River Rocks

Remember the pet rock from the 1970's? It was all the rage! But, using rocks as an escort card can draw together a summer or beach themed wedding and is super cool.  

Baking Tips

Using baking tips as a stand for a handwritten escort card will provide a heartwarming touch to any baker. 

Handmade Ribbons

Think of the county fair! This "escort card" could integrate into a country rustic themed wedding and are inexpensive to create.

Nashville Venue Roundup!

09 March 2011

Mr. Collier and I will soon be signing the contract for our reception venue and with venues on the brain I decided to share with you a list of venues I came across while on the hunt for the perfect spot! For those readers out of town, feel free to use this as a template for your planning!

Nashville Wedding Venue Spreadsheet
There are many items to consider when deciding on a venue. The number of guests you are anticipating, the fraction of the budget you would like to allocate to the venue rental, and the amenities the venue offers such as rentals or staffing that can help save some money. The spreadsheet I've shared allows you to not only get a head start in planning if you are searching for a venue but will hopefully be applicable anywhere as you start seeing venues and talking to the event staff in your respective city. Similar to the photography post, seeing all the facts in one place really helps narrow down the options.

Wedding Inspiration: DIY Cute Decor

05 March 2011

I've picked some awesome ideas that are easy, fun, and will keep people talking!

Custom Crossword Puzzles

Websites like Just Crosswords and Discovery Education provide free custom designed crossword puzzles that can easily be incorporated into a place card, back of a menu, or program. Mr. Collier and I plan to add utilize this little treat for our wedding.

Rustic Banner

Burlap cloth material and iron on letters or craft paint from any general craft store can welcome guests, transform a guest book table or hang behind the wedding party's table at the reception. 

Antique Books
Incorporation of hardback antique books really enhances the personal character of a table as a accessory or centerpiece. And it will be fun just to wander through a used book store or thrift store to find them!

Mason Jars
What can't you seriously do with a mason jar? You can use them as favors filled with homemade jams or preserves. You can add some sand and a tea light for some rustic ambiance. You could even provide them for guests to sip on tea for a more southern feel. They are inexpensive and provide tons of character!!!

Milk Carton Flowers
Its crafty, contemporary, and earth-friendly. What a fun way to have a bouquet or centerpiece that lasts the test of time. 

Topsy Turvy Glassware
No rule states that glassware has to be in the proper order so mix it up! Using mismatched glasses as candle holders can add vibrant color by adding flowers (as shown above) or fruit. It is certainly unique!

Scrabble Table Numbers

Taking an iconic game like Scrabble and incorporating the tiles into centerpieces or table numbers is adorable. I love the idea of spelling places or names in addition to numbers as shown above.

The Dress Buying Experience

02 March 2011

Picking out a wedding dress is thought to make the wedding process become more "real." For me, it wasn't the dress that I selected, fell in love with, and purchased that made me feel like a bride for the first time, it was the purchase of the veil. I was totally excited to get my dress but as soon as a veil was paired and decided upon, it was real. 

I don't know why the purchase of my veil made me take a second to breathe and think about what I was doing but looking at myself in the mirror in my beautiful dress (that makes me feel like the cutest girl in the world) in addition to the veil was overwhelming. Not the kind of overwhelming you might expect for a bride. There were no tears. No fearful feelings. No, " Oh wow" response. Just, "huh. I'm getting married," as if I hadn't thought about it before. 

It is interesting thinking about the psyche of when a woman begins to feel like a bride because the wedding industry itself glazes over the self acceptance and discovery of this new identity with lists of planning guides, vendors, and other details. I understand folks need to make money and getting a grasp of the planning early on is ideal but a simple search made me realize that many women wonder about the moment they will feel like a bride or when the planning becomes real.

Some start feeling like a bride the moment they are engaged because of all of the attention and questions from friends, family, and even strangers! Others, like me, felt it the first time they tried on their dress and veil. A few never identify with a bride feeling. Whether a woman identifies herself as a bride doesn't say anything about her or the validity of her future marriage. Some people just don't like being labeled. I personally believe that being a bride doesn't define who you are, it is more of a state of transition between single-hood and marriage.