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Wedding Inspiration: Favors and More!

24 February 2011

Mr. Collier & I were talking the other night about how we pan to entertain our guests and thank them by offering them a favor at our wedding. Of course, that got me thinking about favors and off I went on my search. Here I've pulled together a few hot ideas that are generating a lot of buzz and can be incredibly personal in addition to well received. 

Coutie Catchers

Remember back in 3rd grade we used to make Coutie Catchers to play with? Well some things never change! An interesting piece of scrapbook paper and some basic folding skills can entertain guests while the bride and groom are still taking pictures. You can write fun fortunes or even conversation starters to get people to know one another during a cocktail hour.

Homemade Candles

Using interesting tea tins as candles is a wonderful present for parents, bridesmaids, or guests. Bulk wax is easy to find at any craft store and interesting tins can be ordered online or if you are tea connaisseur you may have them around the house. 

Postcard Wallets 

Weddings in a different city allow the opportunity to offer favors that pertain to travel or historic aspects of your city. You can take old postcards (or ones bought in bulk online) and using a sewing machine stitch three edges together to get a personal money carrier.  

Tea Cup Candle

I love the teacup candle idea as a favor for a bridesmaids brunch or bridal shower. Funky tea cups and saucers are always at thrift stores and again the wax can be purchased at any craft store. 

Homemade Paper Fortune Cookies
Once Wed featured these favors recently and I thought there were so cool! Similar to the coutie catcher these fortune cookies can be made with simple scrap paper and a fun fortune. They are inexpensive and look wonderful too!

Favor Sacks
Using cotton sacks you can merge escort cards and favors. A stamp on the front of the bag is also custom stamped by you so if you have a theme you can incorporate that onto your favor bag. Treats or gifts can be stuffed inside for safe keeping with a clean look.

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