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Valentine's Makeover Story Contest

14 February 2011

First and foremost, Happy Valentine's Day!

Our wedding planner, Sarah W. posted on her blog about a contest for an uplifting makeover and high-end photo shoot sponsored by photographer, Gregory Byerline, makeup "diva" Amy Lynn Larwig, and Stacey Rhodes Boutique for a Valentine's Day surprise. The contest called for men to write about what they loved about their wives/girlfriends and what made them special.

I sent the post to Mr. Collier a couple weeks ago and didn't think he did anything with the email. Turns out I was wrong!! He actually submitted a story about how we met and became instant friends and then had our first date at Mammoth Caves and has since started writing this blog to help other brides. Well, this morning he called me over to the couch to show me something on the computer and it was an email saying WE HAD WON!!!

I'm so excited for this opportunity and it was a fantastic surprise! It is funny because I love our story and treasure all of the memories we've shared the last two years.

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