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The Save the Date Debate

04 February 2011

Mr. Collier and I have hemmed and hawed about sending "Save the Dates" for a few reasons. First, it costs money to make the things. Second, it costs money to send them. But the most important is that they are a helpful resource for our out of town guests (which we have a lot of) to make arrangements, budget for the trip, and officially get everyone on the same page.

We sat and pondered about how to compromise the need to send "Save the Dates" out of respect for our guests and yet not rack up another hundred dollar expense? Well, there are truly two options: purchase them or DIY. We chose the former option. 

I'm sure you might be in shock and thinking why didn't they just make them out of scrapbook paper around the house. Well, we found the greatest deal on the planet!!!! Mr. Collier and I decided in order to save on postage, we needed to make the "Save the Dates" postcards for which a stamp currently costs $0.28 a piece. That is $28.00 for 100 postcards (we needed 89).

On to the actual postcard printing and design. Mr. Collier and I began researching and stumbled upon some great deals unsuspecting places: and Which did we choose?! Why? Well, if you watch their deals and free promotional offers you can actually design and order 100 postcards for FREE! All you have pay for is shipping ($6.50) and since we didn't need them immediately, we selected the 21 day out shipping date but they showed up within a weeks time. The quality and service were wonderful for the glossy postcards and we are incredibly happy with our purchase. Keep in mind that Save the Dates don't have to match the rest of your stationary if you don't want them to. Vistaprint offers hundreds of templates for "Save the Dates" and many of them allow you to upload engagement photos for a $4.00 fee if you wanted to incorporate a more personal touch.

Save the dates cost: 
Save the date postcards: $6.50
Postage: $28.00

Save the Date Postcards

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