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Partying like a Bachelorette: The Vibe Continuum

20 February 2011

As I've talked to brides, maids of honor, read blogs, etc. I started to see a trend towards the personality of the bachelorette party, in fact, it prompted me to generate a continuum. 


Low Key Options:
1) Sleepovers: Either at a hotel or at the home of one of the girls. Going back to the roots of pj parties is a popular choice. Hair, nails, boy talk, movies,and games are some entertainment options. 

2) Vineyards: Heading to a vineyard during a beautiful sunset is a fabulous way to have fun with the girls. Wear some cute dresses. Do a tasting. Buy a few bottles of wine. 
3) Dinner: Similar to above but the details are key! A maid of honor told me that she made sure that from pre-party to dinner to cocktails afterwards were filled with different games or party favors. 

4) Yoga class & Spa day: Who wouldn't love the princess package from head to toe? Massage, nails, toes, hair, facial. All the girls relaxing.

5) Cooking class: Everyone learn how to cook a dish together by a professional. Aprons could be cute favors.
Wild Options:

1) Pole dancing class or Burlesque dance class: Get the girls together for a sexy dance class. Laughs will definitely be had and you might even pick up a few moves. Make sure to bring your feather boas!

2) A night on the town: Clean out the bachelorette section of the party supply store and head out for a night on the town. Bar hopping either at your home town or in Vegas after dinner are two common options. 

3) Girlfriend Getaway: The travel channel designates New York City, Miami, and Vegas as the most traveled cities for bachelorette parties.

4)Bungee Jumping or Sky diving: Get a rush and an experience of a lifetime try bungee jumping or sky diving as a group.   
Of course there is a happy place on the continuum and the possibilities are endless. As long as the bride approves and all the participants have fun, that is really all that matters. 

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