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Partying like a Bachelorette: My take on the matter

23 February 2011

Since I began posting about the Bachelorette Continuum I've had responses wondering where I fit as a bride.

First, let me say that Mr. Collier & I aren't having the traditional wedding party, we're having a posse. Our posse consists of a few friends that we've asked to hangout with us the day of our wedding and have a good time with us without the obligation of attendant duties.

Where do I fall on the continuum that I have been talk about? Well I'd say between low key and middle of the road. Meaning, I love to go to a spa day with the girls and then dinner and meet up with Mr. Collier and his posse for a baseball game! No need to boozing it up downtown or flying to Vegas for one last horrah! Taking a salsa or ballroom dance class would also be a blast and an experience. In my personal opinion I think that the goal of the bachelorette party is to spend some good old fashioned time with people who you care about.

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