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Wedding Planning: Taking Notes

03 February 2011

With wedding planning in full swing I am starting to realize it is easy to get bogged down with all of the details. Thank goodness for Sarah, our wedding coordinator but Mr. Collier and I are doing a ton of leg work on our own! If I've learned anything in the last month of hard core wedding planning it is to take good notes. Coming from a graduate student's perspective taking notes happens for me on almost a daily basis but honestly, they can save you time and money in the long run.

Here is an example. Say you call a wedding venue old fashioned style (because they don't list an email address that you can contact) and you speak to their facility manager. You begin to go through the standard laundry list of questions such as the capacity of the space, if you have to hire vendors from a preferred list or if you can bring your own, etc. As you are talking you begin taking notes on the back of a napkin or a used piece of paper at your desk in between doodling during the interim. After the conversation is over you file the paper away in your wedding binder (if you are super organized) or leave it on your desk. A few weeks later after looking and visiting a handful of venues you fall in love with the venue mentioned above. You end up getting a price quote and contract drafted up but according to your original notes, the pricing and offers don't match.

Granted your notes are not a legal document but they do help solidify your argument if you budgeted for the price on the phone rather than the $1,000 more expensive price. And had you not made a note to yourself, it could have been overlooked completely! By having notes in writing, you can address the difference with confidence and if the vendor is reputable they will honor their original word. If they don't, then you have a pretty red flag waving in the wind.

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