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Honeymoon Planning and Saving

10 February 2011

It is never too early to begin saving for the honeymoon. Mr. Collier and I constantly struggle with allocating money for the honeymoon but I've recently realized what a great tool websites such as, and can be to help save some money on your trip.

All three sites (and there are many others out there) provide "deals of the day" that expire within a given period of time. I've noticed that the majority of the offers expire within a year from the purchase date. That said, Mr. Collier & I are under a year out from our wedding and are thinking Napa, California is a place we'd like to visit on our honeymoon. So here is what I did. I started signing up for all the cities or nearby our destination so that each day the offers in my inbox pertain to places we might want to visit. Make sure to cross reference the businesses providing the offer with a website like where local people review their local businesses (google also provides reviews). 

Although it is incredibly difficult to plan in advance and you have to pay for it up front, purchasing groupons and living social coupons are a perfect (not to mention tech savvy) opportunity to start saving some cash on the back end. For example, to get to Napa Valley Mr. Collier and I will have to fly into either San Francisco or Oakland.

Food is always the first thing on my mind when I get off of a plane but airport food is incredibly expensive not to mention mediocre. So I start looking for offers for restaurants that may be downtown or near the airport. Typically, for $20-$30 you can purchase a groupon or living social coupon worth a 
$40-$60 value. The extra savings could then be designated for other things like museums or winery tours in Napa Valley. Food is not the only category offered through groupon or living social either, coupons are often featured for tourist attractions or activities for 50% cheaper. 

Another fabulous addition to is the Living Social Escapes Offer. Featuring a variety of locations, Living Social Escapes offers weekend getaway packages for fractions of the cost but have a greater restriction on the time frame to use the coupon. This could even be beneficial if your city is featured and guests are traveling giving them the opportunity to save some money.

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