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Budget Wedding Dresses

01 February 2011

While doing my ritual website visiting this morning, I noticed an article from Glamour magazine featured on MSN entitled "26 of the Prettiest Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Online." All I could do in cringe!

I am all about saving money but this, I'm afraid, can be summed up by using a phrase Mr. Collier often recalls,"you get what you pay for." Going to a bridal boutique and trying on dresses in front of that huge mirror with family and friends present is one of those experiences that I, as a bride would never want to miss. I've even read articles that suggest to try on a dress a store and then search for it online at home. Don't do it! If you do decide to buy online, make sure you have some sort of guarantee.

Like anything in wedding planning you want to avoid any hassle and stress. Let's say you have a friend or family member capable of making alterations or even creating your wedding attire. I can understand the sentiment and the savings but will you be able to handle it if something goes wrong with the plan? Or if the end product isn't as great as you imagined? Think of how hurt and destroyed your friend or family member will feel after all of the time they put into your wedding creation.

Curious about where you can get these 26 beautiful dresses online per the article's recommendations didn't seem to offer many dresses that would help a wedding budget. Granted we live in Nashville and not New York, Chicago, or LA but the dresses I tried on at The White Room were less than $1,000 and just as beautiful if not more so. Add that in with a seamstress that has been with the boutique the last 15 years (since they opened) and a guaranteed human consultant to interact with makes buying a dress in a store worthwhile to me. Another dress shop in Nashville that has dresses less than $1,600 is Glitz. I can't speak on behalf of personal experience but I spoke with a consultant with Glitz at the Her Bridal Brunch and they assured me that of their wide selection of popular designers the most expensive dress was $1,600. I did try to contact them for a bridal try-on, however, they never responded.

If you are really looking to save some money and don't mind where you get your dress think about consignment shops or the Goodwill. You can easily bring these dresses to get altered or customized for your personal style. I can recall last May the Goodwill holding a wedding special event where they pooled all wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses into one store for the perfect shopping opportunity for someone to get a budget wedding dress. It is also not uncommon for brides to inherit a family member's bridal gown and  (with their consent) alter it to a more modern look. Krista, a wedding blogger and newlywed, spoke at Ashley's Bride Guide bootcamp and discussed how she utilized this very tactic to update her mother's wedding dress with the help of a friend.

There are plenty of options out there for bridal gowns that don't destroy your budget and make you feel like the most beautiful girl on your wedding day. Honestly, you deserve nothing less.

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