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Goodwill Wedding Gala: March 19th 6a.m.-9a.m.

28 February 2011

Speaking of getting a recycled wedding dress and making a donation for a good cause... Ashley's Bride Guide just posted the date for the Goodwill Wedding Gala where you can sift through hundreds of wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and other formal attire for your wedding day!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Wedding Dresses

On the subject of wedding dresses and after doing some research I wondered where I could go to purchase a recycled wedding dress. I know it is quite popular for brides to get their dresses preserved but in this day and age, recycling and reusing is a hip trend (not to mention cheaper at times).

Recycled Bride offers not only over 5,000 recycled wedding dresses but also other items such as decor, bridesmaids dresses, and ceremony items. Think of all that ribbon left over! You can also post items here to sell post-wedding.

Encore Bridal, an online bridal consignment shop that started in LA when owner, Julie began looking for her own wedding dress and she couldn't find a thing in consignment shops. So she started her own website that allows sellers to sell and buyers to search for gowns by designer that typically cost 30-70% less than the original price.

Preowned Wedding Dresses as featured on The Early Show and Martha Stewart Weddings, is based out of South Carolina after founder Josie was also looking for her own wedding dress online at discounted prices. Preowned Wedding Dresses offers over 5,000 wedding dresses to search from and choose.

Once Wed is one of the most popular sites for wedding dress consignment shopping. Individual sellers upload their dresses to the interface and buyers can peruse. Dresses range from hundreds to thousands but that is the decision of the seller. Also, a portion of the revenue made by Once Wed is donated to to International Justice Mission which supports justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and violent oppression.

Brides Against Breast Cancer and Great Green Weddings are two more sites that are focused on the greater good. Brides Against Breast Cancer donates proceeds directly to breast cancer foundations to promote the wishes and wellness to breast cancer patients. Great Green Weddings is focus on promoting earth and green friendly wedding planning.

Dress Buying Day!!!

26 February 2011

Today my mom came into town and we made the final dress decision!!! About a month ago my friend Megan and I went out to The White Room in Lebanon, Tennessee because of their fabulous reputation and I knew from the moment I made my first appointment, The White Room was where I would purchase my wedding dress.

My dress story is like many others. I first thought of my budget and began looking online at the designers I could afford through sites like and just google shopping searches for wedding gowns. I thought of all the designers Allure, Casablanca Bridals, and Mori Lee were the most likely choices for my style and my wallet.

Here is my dress!

I made my first appointment in January and headed into the White Room. Amazingly, the first dress that I tried on was also my favorite online and as it turned out today (a month later) became my wedding dress. Oddly enough, even though I booked my appointment in early January for today's bridal appointment it just so happened that today was a trunk show sponsored by the designer of my dress and so I was able to receive 10% off. The White Room also offers 10% off each purchase after the purchase of a wedding dress which was perfect for the veil that I also bought today. I couldn't be happier with my dress and I knew it was the ONE. 

Review of the Little Black Dress Revue

25 February 2011

Tonight's event, the Little Black Dress Revue held at the Noah Liff Opera Center was fabulous! Not only is the venue beautiful, and a personal favorite of Mr. Collier & myself because we are having our reception there, but everything and I mean everything was on point! Co-sponsored by Music City Events and photographer Gregory Byerline this bridal event was unlike any other. There were no lines, no pushing, no shoving, and no fake incentives. The Little Black Dress Revue is designed as a cocktail party and with the couple in mind. The whole entire mission of the event is to allow a couple to experience what it would be like at an actual reception with only one caterer, baker, photographer, floral designer, bartending service, live band, and even rentals like tables, chairs, linens, and the ultra hip lounge area.

The spread of food from Two Fat Men Catering represented by Karen  and her team was stellar. From the chicken and waffle bites and strawberry bruschetta to the chocolate covered bacon, every bite was savory and I couldn't help but go up for thirds and fourths.

Cakes were presented by the infamous Maples Cakes. Tonight they brought an array of beautifully designed cakes and samples to savor! A slice of strawberry and traditional while almond were both tasty!

The night would not have been the same without the wonderful contribution of Hamilton Bartending Services who created a feminine and masculine signature cocktail specifically for the Little Black Dress Revue. The same is true for Parking Management Co. for their care and responsibility when it comes to valet parking. They allowed Mr. Collier and myself to get in and out quickly and efficiently.

Musical entertainment was provided by NashVegas Allstars a four piece band with a female lead singer that rocked classics and personal favorites such as "Party in the USA", "Jesse's Girl", and "Don't Stop Believing." The NashVegas Allstars demonstrated a lot of versatility with reggae tunes to classic do-wop.

Belle Fleurs Design provided the beautiful greenery and centerpieces throughout the room. I had an opportunity to chat with Bonnie at the event tonight and I would love to have the opportunity to work with her in the near future. I love how each table had a different centerpiece that was individually themed: one big and elegant, one rustic with candles and moss, and one traditional hydrangea arrangement. Bonnie is a joy. She assured me that Belle Fleurs accommodates all budgets and she seemed incredibly willing to work with all budget ranges.

Design in August a custom stationary, invitation, and all other paper needs supplier has such cute ideas for any wedding invitation suite. From stampers to personalized cocktail stirers Designs can do it all!

One of the most unique of all the vendors was First Dance who specialize in choreographing first dances, hence the name, and more importantly provides dance lessons for couples to brush up on those rudimentary skills such as the foxtrot and salsa. The most fun was owners Barry and Dari (husband and wife duo) taught a few brave couples (including Mr. Collier & myself) a short country line dance routine during the cocktail party! We had so much fun!

Wedding Inspiration: Favors and More!

24 February 2011

Mr. Collier & I were talking the other night about how we pan to entertain our guests and thank them by offering them a favor at our wedding. Of course, that got me thinking about favors and off I went on my search. Here I've pulled together a few hot ideas that are generating a lot of buzz and can be incredibly personal in addition to well received. 

Coutie Catchers

Remember back in 3rd grade we used to make Coutie Catchers to play with? Well some things never change! An interesting piece of scrapbook paper and some basic folding skills can entertain guests while the bride and groom are still taking pictures. You can write fun fortunes or even conversation starters to get people to know one another during a cocktail hour.

Homemade Candles

Using interesting tea tins as candles is a wonderful present for parents, bridesmaids, or guests. Bulk wax is easy to find at any craft store and interesting tins can be ordered online or if you are tea connaisseur you may have them around the house. 

Postcard Wallets 

Weddings in a different city allow the opportunity to offer favors that pertain to travel or historic aspects of your city. You can take old postcards (or ones bought in bulk online) and using a sewing machine stitch three edges together to get a personal money carrier.  

Tea Cup Candle

I love the teacup candle idea as a favor for a bridesmaids brunch or bridal shower. Funky tea cups and saucers are always at thrift stores and again the wax can be purchased at any craft store. 

Homemade Paper Fortune Cookies
Once Wed featured these favors recently and I thought there were so cool! Similar to the coutie catcher these fortune cookies can be made with simple scrap paper and a fun fortune. They are inexpensive and look wonderful too!

Favor Sacks
Using cotton sacks you can merge escort cards and favors. A stamp on the front of the bag is also custom stamped by you so if you have a theme you can incorporate that onto your favor bag. Treats or gifts can be stuffed inside for safe keeping with a clean look.

Partying like a Bachelorette: My take on the matter

23 February 2011

Since I began posting about the Bachelorette Continuum I've had responses wondering where I fit as a bride.

First, let me say that Mr. Collier & I aren't having the traditional wedding party, we're having a posse. Our posse consists of a few friends that we've asked to hangout with us the day of our wedding and have a good time with us without the obligation of attendant duties.

Where do I fall on the continuum that I have been talk about? Well I'd say between low key and middle of the road. Meaning, I love to go to a spa day with the girls and then dinner and meet up with Mr. Collier and his posse for a baseball game! No need to boozing it up downtown or flying to Vegas for one last horrah! Taking a salsa or ballroom dance class would also be a blast and an experience. In my personal opinion I think that the goal of the bachelorette party is to spend some good old fashioned time with people who you care about.

Like Relish on Facebook and you could win FREE wedding invitations!!!

22 February 2011

Like them here

Surviving the Bachelorette Party

This article was featured on and discusses fantastic tips for an enjoyable and guilt free bachelorette party!

1. No Cameras Allowed
Tell your girls to leave the cameras at home for your night on the town. Sure there’s a temptation to capture every moment but ask yourself -- do you really want those images splattered across Facebook? Instead, take a few photos at the start of the night before you head out so you’ll still have something to look back on.

2. Leave the Mini-Skirt at Home
You never know what your girls might have planned, so it’s probably best to leave your shortest mini-skirt or dress at home. Who knows? What if they’re taking you to that bar with a mechanical bull -- you’d hate to miss out on the fun just because you wore the wrong attire. Plus, you'll want to be comfortable on your big night.

3. Load Up on Water
When you’re out with your best friends having a great time, it’s pretty easy to lose track of how much you’ve had to drink -- until it’s too late. Mix up your drinks with shots of water or have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. It will save you from having a major headache the next morning.

4. Food: Eat Simple
Even if you’re a foodie, try to eat fairly plain foods the night of your bachelorette party. You don’t want to head home early because of something you ate. And for that matter, eat light and be sure to have snacks throughout the night. That way, you won’t feel groggy after a big meal, and mixing in some snacks while you’re drinking will prevent you from getting sick.

5. No Phoning Home!
You’re there to spend this night with your girls -- so don't call your fiance every five minutes to remind him how much you love him. He knows. Trust us. If you simply cannot part with your phone, hand it to one of your bridesmaids and let them know they're in charge.

Free Tasting at Wedding 101: Sweetface Cakes

21 February 2011

Renay from Sweetface Cakes  is holding FREE cake tastings this Saturday, February 19th & February 26th and March 12th & 19th at Wedding 101 at The Factory in Franklin.

With the cake tastings, she will provide a "full service" experience. Two to three decorated cakes in various flavors are presented and she will discuss the vision for your wedding cake. I
For the next month, we are offering a $200 gift certificate to one lucky bride-to-be. Only those that schedule an appointment will be entered to win!
Feel free to her at or directly at 615-481-2181 to schedule your tasting appointment.

Little Black Dress Revue: I hope see you there!

To: Brides, Grooms, Planners, and Friends
What: Not your typical bridal show. Cocktail event.
How much: $15 a ticket but use code "MCE" for $7.50 off! Purchase here. 
Where: Noah Liff Opera Center; Nashville, Tennessee
Who: Music City Events and Photographer Gregory Byerline has assembled a great squad of vendors, one in each category to allow you to experience the possibilities for your wedding.

Partying like a Bachelorette: The Vibe Continuum

20 February 2011

As I've talked to brides, maids of honor, read blogs, etc. I started to see a trend towards the personality of the bachelorette party, in fact, it prompted me to generate a continuum. 


Low Key Options:
1) Sleepovers: Either at a hotel or at the home of one of the girls. Going back to the roots of pj parties is a popular choice. Hair, nails, boy talk, movies,and games are some entertainment options. 

2) Vineyards: Heading to a vineyard during a beautiful sunset is a fabulous way to have fun with the girls. Wear some cute dresses. Do a tasting. Buy a few bottles of wine. 
3) Dinner: Similar to above but the details are key! A maid of honor told me that she made sure that from pre-party to dinner to cocktails afterwards were filled with different games or party favors. 

4) Yoga class & Spa day: Who wouldn't love the princess package from head to toe? Massage, nails, toes, hair, facial. All the girls relaxing.

5) Cooking class: Everyone learn how to cook a dish together by a professional. Aprons could be cute favors.
Wild Options:

1) Pole dancing class or Burlesque dance class: Get the girls together for a sexy dance class. Laughs will definitely be had and you might even pick up a few moves. Make sure to bring your feather boas!

2) A night on the town: Clean out the bachelorette section of the party supply store and head out for a night on the town. Bar hopping either at your home town or in Vegas after dinner are two common options. 

3) Girlfriend Getaway: The travel channel designates New York City, Miami, and Vegas as the most traveled cities for bachelorette parties.

4)Bungee Jumping or Sky diving: Get a rush and an experience of a lifetime try bungee jumping or sky diving as a group.   
Of course there is a happy place on the continuum and the possibilities are endless. As long as the bride approves and all the participants have fun, that is really all that matters. 

Partying like a Bachelorette: An Introduction & History

16 February 2011

A conversation with a co-worker at lunch this afternoon generated the inspiration to begin a series of posts regarding all things bachelorette. From the planning to the party execution; how to save some money and create a long lasting memorable experience for the bride and the girls involved.

Where did it all begin was the first question I was interested in addressing. Apparently bachelorette parties, intended to balance the bachelor counterpart which itself is thought to date back to the Spartans (400 b.c.), for us girls we didn't start celebrating with a proper title until the last 30 years!

Wedding 101: DIY Bride University

Wedding 101 is a multi-purpose wedding resource located in the Factory at Franklin and I had the opportunity to head in that direction about a month ago so I stopped in to check it out. They aren't planners, caterers, florists, or designers but rather a pooled resource of all things wedding.The showroom itself is beautiful, much like everything located in the factory. Wedding 101 displays the fantastic work of their vendors from invitations to attire and even cake and table settings to generate ideas and show off some quality work. You can touch just about everything in the showroom! The best part of this resource is that it is FREE! You can call and set up a free consultation and Wedding 101 will get you in contact with with local and reputable vendors for all your wedding planning needs that are based on YOUR budget and the kind of event that YOU want to have. 

To top it off, Wedding 101 is now offering a DIY Bride University during the month of March. These workshops are centered around DIY projects such as tissue pom poms (March 5th and $20), makeup consult by Mary Kay representative (March 12th and Free), simple cake decorating (March 19th and price not listed) and  incorporation of photos into your wedding with Kristen Steele Photography (March 26th, and price not listed). 

Tissue Pom Poms

Congratulations to Jessica and Gordie!!!!

14 February 2011

Jessica, the facilities manager at the Noah Liff Opera Center and future bride has been selected to win $20,000 towards her wedding to Mr. Gordy as part of the Her Perfect Day Contest!!! Congratulations you guys!!!!

Here is their engagement story from Her Nashville

Valentine's Makeover Story Contest

First and foremost, Happy Valentine's Day!

Our wedding planner, Sarah W. posted on her blog about a contest for an uplifting makeover and high-end photo shoot sponsored by photographer, Gregory Byerline, makeup "diva" Amy Lynn Larwig, and Stacey Rhodes Boutique for a Valentine's Day surprise. The contest called for men to write about what they loved about their wives/girlfriends and what made them special.

I sent the post to Mr. Collier a couple weeks ago and didn't think he did anything with the email. Turns out I was wrong!! He actually submitted a story about how we met and became instant friends and then had our first date at Mammoth Caves and has since started writing this blog to help other brides. Well, this morning he called me over to the couch to show me something on the computer and it was an email saying WE HAD WON!!!

I'm so excited for this opportunity and it was a fantastic surprise! It is funny because I love our story and treasure all of the memories we've shared the last two years.

Wedding Inspiration: Cute & Simple Accents

13 February 2011

As I'm building my inspiration board I've stumbled across really easy and creative ideas that are both budget friendly and helps incorporate cute accents to any celebration or just everyday decor. 

Using bangle bracelets as napkin rings
 (which can be found at the bottom of jewelry boxes, garage sales and thrift stores)
Think of the possible combinations with brightly colored napkins! Doubling as favors, the bracelets could even be creative favors for a bridal shower or a bridesmaids' tea luncheon. 

Tea canisters as bud vases
(two for the price of one! You get to drink the tea then enjoy the canister)
I thought this was super creative because the tins displayed above can be found at specialty tea shops, international grocery stores, or World Market.

Picture Frames as Signage or Menus
(very useful for both wedding and at home; it is the new customizable dry erase board)
I have tons of scrapbook paper and empty old frames hanging around the house and combine that with my personal love of lists, I fell in love with this idea! Another possibility is utilizing the old picture frame as a prop in a photobooth for guests to write messages without having to worry about getting chalk on their fancy clothes or regular dry erase boards having too much of a reflections for pictures!

Paint Swatches as Escort Cards
(Let home improvement stores be your resource!)
You can add tons of color to brighten up a space by using paint swatches and not to mention they are FREE. Imagine if you are a huge college sports fan (or your hubs-to-be is) you can incorporate team colors quite easily.  Just don't let the home improvement store figure out where all the Kentucky Blue swatches are going!

Cookie Cutters to Personalize Candles
(A unique way to decorate the unity candle or cake table decor)
A cookie cutter set runs about $10-15. I found them on Amazon at FoxRun and Wilton. To me, candles immediately convey romance regardless of the the location. By engraving the candle you can create a very sophisticated and subtle personal stamp on your wedding. I know that is important to Mr. Collier and me. The Wilton set even includes numbers so you can include your wedding date and generate a keepsake for your home. The cookie cutters may also be used as favors by creating cookie monograms!

Vintage Earrings as Accessories
(commemorate loved ones or create a classic look)
It seems that many brides are crafting up their wedding shoes to reflect their personalities by adding jewels to create their monogram or "I do" to the bottom of their arch but incorporating vintage jewelry is super cool. If you don't have any classic looking earrings, head to your local thrift store for less than $5. Afraid the earrings might fall off? Well, glue or sew them on! 

Honeymoon Planning and Saving

10 February 2011

It is never too early to begin saving for the honeymoon. Mr. Collier and I constantly struggle with allocating money for the honeymoon but I've recently realized what a great tool websites such as, and can be to help save some money on your trip.

All three sites (and there are many others out there) provide "deals of the day" that expire within a given period of time. I've noticed that the majority of the offers expire within a year from the purchase date. That said, Mr. Collier & I are under a year out from our wedding and are thinking Napa, California is a place we'd like to visit on our honeymoon. So here is what I did. I started signing up for all the cities or nearby our destination so that each day the offers in my inbox pertain to places we might want to visit. Make sure to cross reference the businesses providing the offer with a website like where local people review their local businesses (google also provides reviews). 

Although it is incredibly difficult to plan in advance and you have to pay for it up front, purchasing groupons and living social coupons are a perfect (not to mention tech savvy) opportunity to start saving some cash on the back end. For example, to get to Napa Valley Mr. Collier and I will have to fly into either San Francisco or Oakland.

Food is always the first thing on my mind when I get off of a plane but airport food is incredibly expensive not to mention mediocre. So I start looking for offers for restaurants that may be downtown or near the airport. Typically, for $20-$30 you can purchase a groupon or living social coupon worth a 
$40-$60 value. The extra savings could then be designated for other things like museums or winery tours in Napa Valley. Food is not the only category offered through groupon or living social either, coupons are often featured for tourist attractions or activities for 50% cheaper. 

Another fabulous addition to is the Living Social Escapes Offer. Featuring a variety of locations, Living Social Escapes offers weekend getaway packages for fractions of the cost but have a greater restriction on the time frame to use the coupon. This could even be beneficial if your city is featured and guests are traveling giving them the opportunity to save some money.

Unveiled Bridal Show

09 February 2011

On Thursday night Mr. Collier and I were invited to attend "Unveiled" the complete bridal experience sponsored by Nashville Lifestyles. Located at 3rd aVenue South, Unveiled was a smaller more intimate wedding vendor show which made it less overwhelming than others. The vendors at Unveiled were top shelf and completely reputable. The White Room featured bridal gowns. Maples Wedding Cakes had a beautiful spread! Maples brought out the best with a lemon raspberry taste, chocolate chocolate taste, and a dreamsicle taste. Maples is fantastic! We are actually considering them for our own wedding cake. Ashely's Bride Guide was there with Ms. Ashely herself! Our wedding coordinator Sarah W. was there with Music City Events with a beautiful table display.

One aspect that I personally enjoyed the most was the number of restaurants offering their services for rehearsal dinners. One my personal favorites, Maggiano's Little Italy brought in some pasta delights to showcase their skills. Giovanni's was also there handing out traditional Italian pastries. Sunset Grille, sister to Cabana and Midtown Cafe, and a Nashville staple was a place I hadn't thought of before and was certainly glad they made it to the show.

Overall I enjoyed the fact that we were able to personally experience one of Nashville Event Spaces downtown venue locations, the aVenue, among amazing vendors and champagne!

LOVE STAMPED, Hand stamped gifts on Etsy: Groupon Today!

07 February 2011

Today, Pittsburgh Groupon is featuring LOVE STAMPED, an Etsy designer who makes hand stamped metal jewelery and accessories that would be ideal for bridesmaids gifts, flower girls, dad or groom! For $17 you get $35 worth of merchandise and that includes shipping. 

Personalized Handstamped Money ClipMonogrammed Hand Stamped Cuff LinksInitially the Queen Handstamped NecklaceFamily Circle Hand Stamped Charm Bracelet

Bargin! $15 for Photobook (Valued at $50)

04 February 2011

For all you DIY brides, this is a fantastic deal. For 20 pages of your uploaded photos you pay $15 plus shipping through an offer from today! This fabulous deal is perfect if you planning on customizing your wedding with your engagement photos for a guest book or even use it for your wedding photos down the road!

The Save the Date Debate

Mr. Collier and I have hemmed and hawed about sending "Save the Dates" for a few reasons. First, it costs money to make the things. Second, it costs money to send them. But the most important is that they are a helpful resource for our out of town guests (which we have a lot of) to make arrangements, budget for the trip, and officially get everyone on the same page.

We sat and pondered about how to compromise the need to send "Save the Dates" out of respect for our guests and yet not rack up another hundred dollar expense? Well, there are truly two options: purchase them or DIY. We chose the former option. 

I'm sure you might be in shock and thinking why didn't they just make them out of scrapbook paper around the house. Well, we found the greatest deal on the planet!!!! Mr. Collier and I decided in order to save on postage, we needed to make the "Save the Dates" postcards for which a stamp currently costs $0.28 a piece. That is $28.00 for 100 postcards (we needed 89).

On to the actual postcard printing and design. Mr. Collier and I began researching and stumbled upon some great deals unsuspecting places: and Which did we choose?! Why? Well, if you watch their deals and free promotional offers you can actually design and order 100 postcards for FREE! All you have pay for is shipping ($6.50) and since we didn't need them immediately, we selected the 21 day out shipping date but they showed up within a weeks time. The quality and service were wonderful for the glossy postcards and we are incredibly happy with our purchase. Keep in mind that Save the Dates don't have to match the rest of your stationary if you don't want them to. Vistaprint offers hundreds of templates for "Save the Dates" and many of them allow you to upload engagement photos for a $4.00 fee if you wanted to incorporate a more personal touch.

Save the dates cost: 
Save the date postcards: $6.50
Postage: $28.00

Save the Date Postcards

Wedding Planning: Taking Notes

03 February 2011

With wedding planning in full swing I am starting to realize it is easy to get bogged down with all of the details. Thank goodness for Sarah, our wedding coordinator but Mr. Collier and I are doing a ton of leg work on our own! If I've learned anything in the last month of hard core wedding planning it is to take good notes. Coming from a graduate student's perspective taking notes happens for me on almost a daily basis but honestly, they can save you time and money in the long run.

Here is an example. Say you call a wedding venue old fashioned style (because they don't list an email address that you can contact) and you speak to their facility manager. You begin to go through the standard laundry list of questions such as the capacity of the space, if you have to hire vendors from a preferred list or if you can bring your own, etc. As you are talking you begin taking notes on the back of a napkin or a used piece of paper at your desk in between doodling during the interim. After the conversation is over you file the paper away in your wedding binder (if you are super organized) or leave it on your desk. A few weeks later after looking and visiting a handful of venues you fall in love with the venue mentioned above. You end up getting a price quote and contract drafted up but according to your original notes, the pricing and offers don't match.

Granted your notes are not a legal document but they do help solidify your argument if you budgeted for the price on the phone rather than the $1,000 more expensive price. And had you not made a note to yourself, it could have been overlooked completely! By having notes in writing, you can address the difference with confidence and if the vendor is reputable they will honor their original word. If they don't, then you have a pretty red flag waving in the wind.

Nashville Photographers: Fabulous and Budget Friendly

02 February 2011

Today I have photographers on the brain and the reason is that Mr. Collier and I have decided upon ours! We've known from the get-go that photography was important to us and so this decision had to be made wisely. In the process of researching I came across some excellent photographers that are super budget friendly in the Nashville area.

I met Don through Ashley's Bride Guide Bootcamp as both a groom of a certain Nashville floral designer that spoke on a panel and as a panel member himself. Don is friendly, upbeat and honest. His photography is not only beautiful but is rich in modern color and design highlighting the dynamic connection between the couples in his shots. 

Budget Wedding Dresses

01 February 2011

While doing my ritual website visiting this morning, I noticed an article from Glamour magazine featured on MSN entitled "26 of the Prettiest Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Online." All I could do in cringe!

I am all about saving money but this, I'm afraid, can be summed up by using a phrase Mr. Collier often recalls,"you get what you pay for." Going to a bridal boutique and trying on dresses in front of that huge mirror with family and friends present is one of those experiences that I, as a bride would never want to miss. I've even read articles that suggest to try on a dress a store and then search for it online at home. Don't do it! If you do decide to buy online, make sure you have some sort of guarantee.

Like anything in wedding planning you want to avoid any hassle and stress. Let's say you have a friend or family member capable of making alterations or even creating your wedding attire. I can understand the sentiment and the savings but will you be able to handle it if something goes wrong with the plan? Or if the end product isn't as great as you imagined? Think of how hurt and destroyed your friend or family member will feel after all of the time they put into your wedding creation.

Curious about where you can get these 26 beautiful dresses online per the article's recommendations didn't seem to offer many dresses that would help a wedding budget. Granted we live in Nashville and not New York, Chicago, or LA but the dresses I tried on at The White Room were less than $1,000 and just as beautiful if not more so. Add that in with a seamstress that has been with the boutique the last 15 years (since they opened) and a guaranteed human consultant to interact with makes buying a dress in a store worthwhile to me. Another dress shop in Nashville that has dresses less than $1,600 is Glitz. I can't speak on behalf of personal experience but I spoke with a consultant with Glitz at the Her Bridal Brunch and they assured me that of their wide selection of popular designers the most expensive dress was $1,600. I did try to contact them for a bridal try-on, however, they never responded.

If you are really looking to save some money and don't mind where you get your dress think about consignment shops or the Goodwill. You can easily bring these dresses to get altered or customized for your personal style. I can recall last May the Goodwill holding a wedding special event where they pooled all wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses into one store for the perfect shopping opportunity for someone to get a budget wedding dress. It is also not uncommon for brides to inherit a family member's bridal gown and  (with their consent) alter it to a more modern look. Krista, a wedding blogger and newlywed, spoke at Ashley's Bride Guide bootcamp and discussed how she utilized this very tactic to update her mother's wedding dress with the help of a friend.

There are plenty of options out there for bridal gowns that don't destroy your budget and make you feel like the most beautiful girl on your wedding day. Honestly, you deserve nothing less.