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The First Wedding Deposit: We Hired A Wedding Planner

26 January 2011

Last night, we did it. We signed the first check and handed it over! But who was the lucky recipient of this honor? Believe it or not, it was for a wedding planner.

I have the natural drive to plan and organize people together for a common event but the more I started learning about the wedding planning process, the more I realized how much I need a professional. And so our relationship with Music City Events began.

Sarah Willard, owner of Music City Events is nothing short of wonderful. Over the last few weeks, Mr. Collier and I have become quite good friends with Sarah W. This is the most important thing. I've learned that the two wedding vendors that the couple must have a good working relationship with are the wedding planner and the photographer/videographer. The photographer and videographer is obvious because your stress and distrust will be reflected in the pictures. The wedding planner is on your side, fighting your battles, and doing the very best he or she can to make your day run seamlessly and truly represent you as a couple.

I met Sarah W. through Bridal Bootcamp and after hearing her take on the values and priorities in session 1, I was sold. Mr. Collier and I set up a consultation a week later and headed over to her office for a quick initial meeting. A quick meeting turned into two hours of  talking and laughing about the T.V. show Friends and life stories. We left her office sure she would be someone we could have on our side for our wedding.

Although it is an investment for a wedding planner and you think you can plan your entire wedding yourself, do you really want to add of that stress? For me, I will be taking my qualifying exam smack-dab in the middle of the wedding planning just as invitations are going out and contracts will be getting finalized. Having my career on the line and a wedding to plan will be next to near impossible. Enter Sarah W. She is there to keep an eye on the budget, return phone calls, update contracts, draft a day of wedding schedule so that I can focus on what is important, becoming a Ph.D. candidate and Mr. Collier and I getting married.

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