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Wedding DIY vs. DYI

26 January 2011

I am a crafter at heart, without a doubt! Pair that with my desire to be frugal and you have a fabulous DIY bride. "Doing It Yourself" to save money and add our own personal touches is something Mr. Collier and I value, speaking of our list of priorities and values. But where to strike the balance between DIY and DYI (Doing Yourself In)?

Ashley's Bride Guide bootcamp geared or touched upon DIY in the second and third sessions. Conclusively,  DIY is encouraged but within reason. The lists of DIY projects can seriously go on for days but by taking a step back, are you really saving any money?

I know a couple, let's call them Mary and Joe who got married last year and thought it would be cheaper to purchase 200 place settings (chargers, plates, silverware, glassware, barware, etc.) on their own thinking they would be saving money. Mary and Joe might have saved on rentals but they were in charge of lugging all of the place settings to the reception venue for the caterer on the day of their wedding; had to make sure everything was set up properly or had to pay someone else to do it; they had to have them all bussed and cleaned from the tables; and as far as I know Mary and Joe have been married a year and they still have all of those items stored in a spare room because they couldn't sell them. The point is, is the time really worth the DIY?  

Noelle McCoy of McCoy Made (beautiful photojournalist photography) mentioned an excellent point last night that a bride shouldn't have to do anything on her wedding day except for get into her dress. Reflecting on that point and hearing her tell her story of wanting to DIY her own flowers resulted in a hug disaster despite her being a creative person. She said it was the worst moment and was completely overwhelming!

I vow from this moment that I will be reasonable with my DIY projects and be honest with myself about the time I have to dedicate to these projects.


  1. love DYI! so true. glad the smart bride bootcamp was helpful + that you sharing the learnings with others. i really look forward to following your blog.

  2. This is an excellent article and includes points that I try to share with all my brides. Do your homework to make sure that you will make money. Don't plan any project closer than 48 hours before the wedding (i.e. don't make the food or cake). Don't DIY anything that will require you to work on your wedding day. Looking forward to future posts.