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19 January 2011

The day after Mr. Collier and I got engaged, I wanted to start planning out of excitement but we made an agreement to wait until after the holidays to begin the planning process. That sort of worked.

Naturally, I began joining websites like TheKnot and to begin looking at what to take into consideration so that I wouldn't forget anything over the next few months! But which site to choose to set up the wedding website or guide you through? As it turns out both are run by TheKnot but I've found some advantages and disadvantages of each website.

Starting with TheKnot. Hands down TheKnot has great photos and ideas. It is fantastic and user friendly allowing the user to browse photos by color, season, ceremony, do it yourself "diy"--practically anything you can think of! The articles and Q&A sections explain some of the jargon involved in the wedding business as well as commentary on customs and etiquette which can be helpful if you haven't been to or planned a ton of weddings, like myself. So far I believe I've been to 2 weddings in my lifetime.

Now, Wedding Channel. I love their registry function! Not only can you pool all of your registries into one place and provide only one website to your family and friends but Wedding Channel has partnered with the "I Do Foundation." For each purchase a guest makes off of your registry (from a select list of stores) through the Wedding Channel  a percentage 3-5% or the purchase is donated six months after your wedding to a charity of your choice. Mr. Collier and I set up a website through the Wedding Channel and our proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in memory of my grandma. I feel it is a wonderful way to help others through the generosity of your guests at no expense to them!

I have struck a balance between the two websites and utilize TheKnot for ideas and Wedding Channel for our website and registry! Why not have both?

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