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I'm Engaged hence Blogging Commence!

19 January 2011

Mr. Collier and I got engaged on December 14th, 2010 on a quiet evening alone at home on the sofa watching "Friends." It was perfect and was I surprised! We'd talked about getting engaged for some time before the actual ring was placed on my finger but I was still in shock and slightly overwhelmed with all the decisions that are having to be made!

Sure, I've thought about what I'd like my wedding to be like since I was a little girl but how do I make those dreams come to fruition and into reality? Not to mention how do we afford every little item? From the invitations, candles, flowers, color, kind of food and presentation, guest list, registry, favors, number of plates and spoons to rent, pre-marital counseling, etc. You can seriously lose yourself in the details!

Being engaged, so far, is a wonderful experience and has brought Mr. Collier and I into a stronger place despite all these decisions that have to be made. I welcome you to join me in my journey TO BE Mrs. Collier.

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