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The Pink Book Bridal Show

20 January 2011

On Sunday, the 16th with Megan C. in tow, I attended the Nashville Bridal Show at the convention center. It was insane! There were women literally every where and the only thing that could have made it worse was if they were having a "tickle me Elmo" sale at Walmart!

We obviously survived but I learned some important lessons while involving myself and Megan in this experience:

1) Print your information on mailing labels from Staples or OfficeMax because that seriously cuts down on time and allows you to interact with the vendors more. Honestly, everyone there is looking for your business and often will offer amazing incentives such as a free tossing bouquet or free cake consultations. If the vendors have your information clearly printed on a label, all you have to do is stick! I learned this last year when I attended a bridal show with Ashley L. another bride-to-be.

2) Some of the sign ups are scams. There are companies out there that will offer you a free honeymoon but it is impossible for everyone to win and yet somehow everyone gets called. Such companies include The Bridal Registry. If someone calls you telling you that you have won a free anything, make sure you cross reference the business online.

3) The Nashville bridal show was sponsored by Premier Bride and The Pink Book which are websites geared to state-wide wedding planning and a website that offers some pretty awesome planning tools (respectively) that I haven't seen on theknot or weddingchannel. The Pink Book's Printable sheets (that are supposed to end up in their purchased pink binder) itemize each wedding detail from guest accommodations to cake tastings or florists help make your own binder for FREE!

4) Bring a snack and some water! Most of the bridal shows will have tastes of food but this bridal show was heavy on cake. I must have eaten around 8 different samples of cake and the lines were too long for the heavy hors d'oeuvres.

Reflecting on my experience at the bridal show I have realized that it really is a balance between what you can handle and what is your breaking point. For me, I couldn't handle this show for more than an hour. But I'm sure some of the ladies would have and did stay all day!

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  1. The address labels won me 2 prizes, I swear!! Every vendor that I visted commented on what a great idea they are and how easy it makes life.